How the Alvis archives help us with our detective work

We’re exceptionally proud of the formidable archives we have at Alvis, which document every single detail about every car engine built here.

It’s thanks to this detail that Richard Joyce was able to identify which car is being built in this photograph.


It dates from 1966 and shows the last Alvis cars being manufactured.

A glance at the photo reveals that these were left-hand drives that were on the line. As only six of those were ever made, that narrowed the possibilities straight away.

Richard’s eagle eye also saw that the engine had power steering, which reduced the possibilities further to just three.

But the fact that it had a manual gear box meant it could only be one of two car engines. The fact that it had wire wheels and not discs put the spotlight on the TF21 number 27474, one of the last Graber cars.

“Because of the records we keep, we were able to establish exactly which car it is and find out where it is now,” says Richard.

“The Alvis archive is a goldmine for anyone with an interest in classic cars, and of course with Alvis in particular.

“It’s why we place such importance on our historical records.”

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